The Ignition of a New Era

Not too long ago, we started noticing a remarkable shift in the work we were doing. Founded in 1995, AllOut Marketing® quickly gained a reputation in Minnesota as medical marketing experts. In recent years, however, demand for our expertise with other traditionally underserved communities increased, and we found ourselves applying our strengths to more markets in Minnesota and nationwide.

Our passion for exceptional marketing was being recognized beyond the medical realm, and our identity was evolving.

Unfurling of a New Leaf

AOM’s evolution became even more pronounced with the opening of our Rochester, New York, location a few years ago. Home to the largest per-capita population of working-age Deaf professionals, Rochester has allowed us to bring on talent especially well-suited to serving diverse and historically underserved communities.

It was time: our branding needed to be updated to reflect our identity. Today, as we near our 20th anniversary, we at AOM are excited to unveil a distinctive new logo that reflects our evolved identity and our passion for igniting connections with unique communities:

Community Feedback

It’s a fireball … a fresh leaf … music notes: These were just a few of the fun responses we received when we posted a sneak peek at our new logo in Facebook. The many positive responses we received were an affirmation of the passion, openness, and creativity we want the logo to convey.

Looking to the Future

While AOM continues to stay true to our medical marketing expertise and support emerging companies, patients, physicians, medical technology and manufacturers; we are also applying our talents to marketing for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, non-profit organizations and the LGBT community. We look forward to blazing new paths in what we do best: igniting and fostering connections in unique communities.