Fostering Trust and Building Connections

As the second charter school in the nation’s history, this innovative school serving Deaf children needed to establish credibility with parents accustomed to traditional public schools.

To showcase this school’s pioneering whole-child and bilingual approach to deaf education, we created a multifunction brochure that highlights the benefits of bilingual education without overwhelming the reader, and provides pockets to hold easily updated information and enrollment paperwork.

Flexibility and Timelessness

We recommended a format that would allow readers to quickly tune into information most relevant to their interests. We included a pocket to hold admissions forms and other important paperwork, which allowed the client to continue to update and customize packets as needed.  Its timelessness and adaptability allowed it to be such a success that the school used it well beyond the typical lifespan of a school brochure.

For All Ages

With a diverse student body ranging in age from 3 to 19 entering the school at various stages of their education, the media and content was designed to simultaneously convey the warmth and safety of the pre-Kindergarten classroom environment while capturing the excitement and ambitiousness of the high school years.

Making it Personal

For more than 90% of parents of children identified as Deaf or hard of hearing, their child is the first Deaf, DeafBlind or hard of hearing person they have known. We included personal testimonials from parents and students to offer a glimpse of the connections, support and learning opportunities available to families.