Drawing in Busy Parents

Any parent knows how hectic life can be with a young child. Parents of deaf children face an even bigger and urgent challenge: navigating often contradicting information on how to best support their child’s linguistic and cognitive development. For this organization dedicated to supporting these families, we took a site that was barely usable and turned it into a parent-centric site with powerful search capabilities and a well-organized library of resources.

A Sustainable Workflow

This amazing organization is run by a small staff. We wanted to ensure they’d be able to quickly and frequently add to a growing collection of resources on the site, yet maintain the organization and usability of the site. To do this, we built the site’s workflow around tags and categories, so that the staff could simply categorize and tag each post in order for it to automatically appear before the right audiences.

Extra Oomph for the Logo

The organization had internally created a delightful new logo with an unusually large number of colors. We tackled this design challenge by creating a harmonious palette of current color trends and tweaking the logo’s colors to match. The actual changes were minor but the impact was significant. With this new palette, we were able to create a modern-feeling yet playful color scheme for the entire site.

Behind the Scenes

To our delight, the photography for this site was done by a talented Deaf photographer. Knowing that this would send a powerful message about the possibilities awaiting families with Deaf children, we designed the site to emphasize this beautiful photography.

User Experience

Recognizing that parents at home with young children generally do not have time to sit at a desktop, we invested significant effort in making the site mobile-friendly at a time when most sites were not yet mobile-friendly. The results paid off.

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Increase in Mobile Sessions
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