Maximize Your Web Traffic With Content Strategy

multiple 'Content' signs pointing in different directionsHow many times have you landed on a pretty website that is boring, boring, boring? The website doesn’t hold your interest, and you can’t click away fast enough. When a website doesn’t get results, the reason is usually not the design or the technology—it’s the content.

When you think about it, information is why people come to your site. They’re looking for understanding, facts, or help—in other words, content. Web visitors want information that is relevant to them, easy to find, and easy to use. The right text grabs your attention and influences what you think and do.

Unfortunately, creating successful copy is often far down on a web team’s “to-do” list. Killer content doesn’t just happen. Content creation has to be guided by a strategic plan—a content strategy—and it starts early in the web project.

Content strategists are web professionals with special skills and expertise in this area. Their primary role is to identify the drivers of the content strategy, recommend content improvements, and plan new content. Content strategists can also enhance a web project in other ways. They write and edit content, help structure and organize sites, incorporate keywords used by search engines, analyze competing sites, and develop processes and style guides.

If you want effective content, having a content strategy matters. Content strategy pays off in seven ways:

  1. Makes your site easier to find for both users and search engines
  2. Shapes and repurposes your content so it is relevant and user-friendly
  3. Creates content that gets the desired results
  4. Identifies the most important places for “actionable” content
  5. Helps your web project go smoothly and launch on time
  6. Enhances your brand
  7. Improves sales conversions which can lead to more sales

Put content strategy to work for you

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